SML Limited (Formerly known as Sulphur Mills Limited) is a global leader in advanced innovative solutions in agriculture. We smartly bring science and passion together to create solutions that the world needs. Our expertise spans across soil health, nutrition, biologicals, and crop protection. In a growing world with challenges and threats of deteriorating soil health and climate change, we are pushing boundaries tirelessly to deliver unprecedented solutions in agriculture, and doing more good for people and the planet.

As a research-driven organization, we have a laser-like focus on long-term sustainability.  With a global presence in over 80 countries worldwide, our radical thought leadership and approach are challenging the norm, creating champions, and leaving a safe planet for future generations.  Because, in the end, prevention is better than cure and what we eat and how we nourish ourselves is what truly matters.

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Our Brand

Reap brand is recognized for quality which helps to Nourish and Shield and Increase growth and Yield. “Reap” gracefully intertwined, a visual ode to our agri-based mission. The vibrant green leaf symbolizes agriculture’s life force and the ecosystem’s interconnectedness. Reap brings a smile of Prosperity to farmers, embodying our commitment to harvesting the rewards of labor and contributing to sustainable growth.

Our Mantra

Our products offer better efficacy, better efficiency & speed of nutrient uptake and are available over a greater period of crop cycle. Thus, improving productivity and quality, and helping farmers earn sustainable profits. We always aim to optimize dosage, reduce cost per acre, residues, and toxicity, and restrict adverse impact on the environment. Our efficient formulations are largely solvent-free, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable. We have successfully developed the next generation of Agri boosters that have been well-accepted globally. Sustainable business growth has been our aim, and we work toward it tirelessly. And while doing this, SML will have created a long and significant impact on soil health, farmer incomes and food security, reversing climate change and improving the quality of life around the world.

Global Footprint

We are a global agri solution accompany present in USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South America, Asia, New Zealand and so on.