SML Limited (formerly known as Sulphur Mills Limited) is a global leader in innovative advanced solutions for agriculture in the Nutrients, Soil Health, Crop Protection and Biological space. We serve the agricultural sector through technological innovations to ensure that balanced nutritious food is produced in farms across the globe and provide better soil & human health. Mr. Deepak Shah (Founder & Chairman of SML Group) established the organization in 1971, SML Limited has dedicated the last 50 years towards sustainable agriculture and farmer welfare. Over the last two decades, we have focused our effort and energy on new discoveries of novel bio rationals, and developing new formulations for the efficient delivery of agrochemicals and biologicals to minimize environmental impact. We are proud to have the world’s largest manufacturing capacity of highly effective low dose & safer Water Dispersible Granule (WDG) of 100000 MT and over 6 million litres of SC and EW formulations.


Sumil Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd is a part of SML group of companies, due to its sheer technological excellence, Sumil has become one of the most leading crop protection company that manufactures innovative formulations for major active ingredients of agrochemicals. Sumil has over 30 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing, marketing, and exporting in crop protection business.


R3 Crop Care Pvt. Ltd. – (SML group) has been in the synthesis and production of agrochemical active ingredients and formulations since 1996 having multipurpose manufacturing unit in Vapi, Gujarat to produce insecticides, fungicides actives and formulation. Our current production capacity is 7000 MT per year. Our Consistently good performance in the timely delivery of quality products and services to our clients has made us their reliable partners.


Nourish Ag provide balanced nutrients to the crops, increase the yield, retain soil organic matter and texture, reduce greenhouse emissions and improve the final quality of the grain or fruit. The company believes that the country’s health and productivity can be enhanced by adopting these advanced technologies which will not only benefit farmer yield and income, but will provide nutritious food, which is a must for the health of the nation.

In Service of Farmers- Krishinnova

KRISHINOVVA, Aap ka Saathi, is a technology-driven agricultural center offering innovative farming services. We educate farmers on new practices, provide seed-to-harvest guidelines, and support modern farming techniques. Our goal is to implement Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for quality and higher yields. We offer tools like drone spraying, soil analysis, weather forecasts, farm advisory, and more to save farmers time, cost, and effort. Our services aim to maximize crop output while minimizing input costs.

Driving Innovation

Discovery Centre

SML has successfully pioneered the development of cutting-edge agri boosters that have gained widespread acceptance worldwide. Their latest advancements in formulations are highly efficient and also necessitate lower doses of active ingredients, thereby minimizing incidents of residue and resistance. Notably, these formulations stand out for being predominantly solvent-free, aligning with SML’s commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability.
The company’s dedication to research and development is evident in its emphasis on exploring new processes within the agrochemical industry. SML boasts State-of-the-Art WDG and various CS formulation manufacturing facilities, reflecting its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field.
With a global perspective, SML focuses on catering to farmers around the world, as well as collaborating with local and multinational companies. The company’s technical expertise in advanced formulations positions it as a leader in providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the agricultural sector.
SML’s global influence extends to its two state-of-the-art research and development centers. Here, the company diligently develops and tests advanced solutions designed to address crops’ nutritional requirements. Simultaneously, these solutions aim to reduce input usage, minimize environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and ultimately produce nutrient-rich food that addresses deficiencies in the human diet. SML’s commitment to innovation and sustainability underscores its role as a key player in shaping the future of agrochemicals.


SML Limited , a part of the SML group, is associated with farming community globally and supports them with innovative and research-driven crop solutions catering to Crop Protection as well as Crop Nutrition segments. We have developed high nutrient-use efficiency fertilizers based on natural mineral origin, which provide balanced nutrients to crops and also increase the yield. They also help retain soil organic matter and texture, address climate change, and improve the final quality of the produce. Our crop protection solutions offer enhanced pest control, even at low dosages, resulting in lesser soil toxicity and residue. Our crop nutrition solutions can help improve nutrient uptake efficiency and better profitability for farmers significantly.

SML started its exports 3 decades ago and over the time, SML has expanded its international presence to more than 80 countries. SML has entered into strategic alliances with companies globally and now venturing into direct distribution through subsidiaries in the major markets.
SML has registered its innovative products across all continents in the globe.
Our export offerings include specialized, IP protected formulations in products covering crop protection, crop nutrition and public health. The products, available in bulk and retail packages, boast of innovative and patented formulation technologies of SML. These products find application in a variety of agricultural activities worldwide.

Global Agri Innovation

  • We work with a distribution model based on strategic alliances. We are also specialized in tailor made formulations of various chemistries and supply the same globally. We have entered into contractual sales arrangements to market our products across regions. We have firmly stepped into the bulk formulations and “Make to Order” brand segment through enhanced capacities and innovative formulation products developed and manufactured at our India based ultra-modern facilities complying with the international standards of safety, health and environment.
  • The company continues to invest in obtaining country-level statutory approvals, product development, enhancing production capacities and building relationships to make commercial agriculture a sustainable and productive occupation for farming communities.
  • Our solutions meet stringent regulatory and environmental standards in the countries we operate. SML has competence and expertise in generating country-specific regulatory data through in-house GLP and NABL accredited Labs.
  • SML is poised to enhance its basket of product offerings through its own and source inclusion registrations in the various geographies.

Our Flagship Brands

Our Key Products


News and Updates

We have inaugurated our office in Campinas (São Paulo), Brazil on December 11, 2023. Over the last year we have expanded our ground team in Brazil and with the investment in various projects in Brazil, this is another milestone signifying our commitment to driving global sustainable agriculture around the world. SML’s entry into Brazil will mark the first step in our ambitious expansion strategy. Our commitment to sustainable practices promises to reshape the landscape of agriculture for a more resilient and environmentally conscious future.