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Welcome to a world where innovation meets the soil, and sustainability grows hand in hand with progress. At SML, headquartered in the city of Mumbai, India, we are not just a company we are architects of change, pioneers in the land of advanced solutions for agriculture.

Who We Are:
With roots that stretch across more than 80 countries, we are a global leader, having the power of 550 patents to transform agriculture into a realm of boundless possibilities. Our canvas is vast – from Nutrient management to Soil Health, Crop Protection, and cutting-edge Biological solutions, we are rewriting the narrative of sustainable farming.

Our Green Symphony:
Innovation at its Core: Be part of a company that thrives on curiosity, fueled by a pursuit of innovation. Our Research & Development, armed with NABL Accreditation & GLP Certification, is the heartbeat of a safer product pipeline, steering agriculture towards a sustainable future.
Global Footprint, Local Impact: Join a diverse team of 1500 passionate individuals, spread across the globe, working collaboratively to bring positive change to farming communities. Our 7 manufacturing sites in India are the epicenters of progress, driving the wheels of change with each seed we plant.
A Network of Growth: We’ve cultivated a pan-India reach through 10,000 distributors. At SML, we believe in growth that reaches far and wide, leaving no corner untouched by the magic of sustainable agriculture.

Why Choose SML:
Infinite Possibilities: Join a team that dares to dream big and empowers you to turn those dreams into reality. Your ideas will find fertile ground here, as we believe that every seed of innovation has the potential to transform the landscape.
Diversity in Every Leaf: We celebrate the diversity of thought, background, and experience. In our garden of innovation, each individual contributes a unique kind, creating a shades that reflects the richness of our collective ideas.

Join Us in Cultivating a Better Tomorrow!
If you are ready to spread the seeds of innovation, be part of a community that values growth, and contribute to sustainable agriculture, then SML is the fertile ground for your career.
Ready to be part of the green revolution? Explore opportunities with us today! Let’s cultivate a future where every harvest is a celebration of progress and sustainability.

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At SML, we’re not just offering jobs. We’re inviting you to embark on an exciting journey with us. Immerse yourself in a vibrant learning culture that constantly elevates your skills. Your career with us isn’t a conventional path; it’s an exploration of boundless opportunities, where your professional growth is as pivotal as the impactful work you’ll contribute to. Join us in our mission to transform agriculture – your chance to be a driving force in this transformative venture awaits! Let’s cultivate innovation together!

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Life @ SML

Hear from our Employees

I joined SML in February 2023. My role is leading in developing and operating Fungicide & Toxicology division Strategically and Technically for the development of novel and environmentally friendly fungicide. The purpose of discovering something for sustainable agriculture aligning with vision and Mission of SML is the stimulus. The approachable management and transparent, nurturing and cohesive working environment of this organization is key of my enthusiasm. SML provides optimum opportunity and support to keep your professional trajectory high. The management is deeply bonded with their employees visible through employee friendly policies, support and activities in place for their people. I am privileged to be part of a mounting Organization making marks worldwide and delivering immense value and effort for the benefit of farmers and forthcoming agriculture globally

Dr. Ruchi Garg Senior Group Leader - Fungicide & Toxicology

Over the past eighteen months, I have had the privilege of leading a team of formulation scientists at our organization. Our company places a strong emphasis on research and innovation, fostering an environment that encourages freedom of thought and conceptualization. This culture has not only broadened my skills but has also provided me with the opportunity to engage in multitasking and navigate the process of bringing products to market. I appreciate the company's commitment to its values and mission, making it a truly great place to work. The open and innovative environment has allowed me to think creatively and beyond conventional boundaries. The benefits of working with this company extend beyond the routine, pushing me to think outside the box. Overall, it has been an enriching experience contributing to a workplace that values creativity, innovation, and continuous learning. All ideas are welcomed by the management, and they provide time and encouragement to explore and develop those ideas. There's support to pivot and work on new concepts if an initial idea doesn't pan out. The culture here emphasizes continuous innovation as a key driver.

Dr. Jayprakash Gopalkrishnan Rao Assistant Vice president- Crop protection formulation

I have been associated with the SML Group since 2007, starting my journey before completing my graduation. The company's open-door policy fosters approachability among colleagues, seniors, and the management team, promoting two-way communication. Everyone's ideas and suggestions, regardless of their position, are heard and appreciated. When I joined SML, I was relatively inexperienced and not well-versed in technology, accounts, or finance. However, through dedicated training and exposure over the last 16 years, working closely with the management team, I can proudly say that I have become well-versed in the company's ins and outs. I often describe myself as a "Jack of all, master of none." It's a give-and-take relationship, and if you're willing to give your best and work diligently, the company ensures your personal and professional growth. My 16+ years of journey from "Assistant Accountant" to "Senior Manager - Corporate Finance" is a testament to the rewarding and growth-oriented environment at SML. The company has also provided me with the opportunity to participate in the Management Development Programme.

Ketan Patel Senior Manager- Corporate Finance

Having been with SML since October 2016, SML offers complete freedom in your function, providing opportunities to learn innovative solutions and significantly enhance your skill level. My journey here has exposed me to the latest concepts in Supply Chain Management, fostering creativity, freedom to innovate, and the satisfaction of seeing positive results. As a customer-centric organization specializing in advanced formulations, SML has a vision to support farming communities and contribute to the country's agricultural development. The work environment is not only well-suited but also enjoyable, with a comfortable office space equipped with essential amenities. Regularly organized employee motivation programs contribute to a positive work atmosphere. My learning curve has included understanding the costing of both input and final products, bringing clarity to my role and enabling me to support the organization in achieving its targets. SML has facilitated the upgrade of my skills through various training programs, allowing me to work harmoniously with colleagues and stakeholders. Each day spent at SML is fulfilling, and I look forward to another productive day ahead. For individuals seeking opportunities to learn, excel in their skills, enhance their CV, and improve marketability, SML is the ideal workplace, offering freedom, opportunities, rewards, and appreciation, along with recognition for one's contributions

S. Venuji Vice President - Supply Chain

I joined SML in June 2000. In my capacity as the General Manager, I have completed total 23 years with SML. I have had the privilege of overseeing and orchestrating critical facets of our company's processes. My role is driven by a commitment to aligning these diverse functions seamlessly, contributing to the overall success and growth of SML Limited in the competitive Agrochemical manufacturing landscape. I am proud to be associated with SML Limited which provides optimum opportunity to the right talent having employee nurturing & caring policies support to keep your professional career enhancing. SML stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment within the Agricultural sector. Our company's unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge research has positioned us as a trusted leader in the agrochemical industry. I am honoured to be part of a company that continues to make a meaningful contribution to the agricultural landscape, empowering farmers and fostering sustainable practices for a brighter, more resilient future.

Rajesh R. Joshi General Manager – Administration, IT, Liasoning, Licensing

I have been working with SML since June 18, 2018. At SML Limited, the most notable aspect is the combination of Crop Protection (CP) and Crop Nutrition (CN), which provides ample opportunities for learning and engagement throughout the crop cycle. This unique combination sets SML apart from other companies in the industry.
SML Limited fosters a family-like atmosphere and operates on a horizontal management structure, allowing open communication and collaboration among all employees. This creates a sense of freedom in our work, where individuals feel empowered to take ownership of their roles. I personally feel like the CEO of my area, which brings me great satisfaction.
The working environment at SML Limited is excellent, thanks to the familial atmosphere mentioned earlier. I strive to build a dedicated, result-oriented, and positive team. Witnessing my team's achievements brings me immense joy, and I am committed to nurturing future successful managers within the team. We have a culture of promoting talent from within, and there are numerous success stories to showcase this. At SML Limited, one can rise to any level based on performance, making it an ideal workplace for ambitious individuals.

Dr. U A Parasara Associate Vice President - Sales & Marketing-West & Central

This company is dedicated to serving Mother Earth and, in the same way, helps employees overcome all personal and professional challenges. During my time here, I have learned valuable qualities such as passion, creativity, judgment, dependability, focus, and collaboration.
SML values commitment to being collaborative, customer-centric, creative, and credible. Our mission is to encourage innovation for sustainable growth. At SML, we treat colleagues as friends, caring for them and taking an interest in their well-being. We always support colleagues and offer compassion and kindness in times of need.
I have honed my time management skills through various cross-functional tasks and improved my collaborative skills while working on new projects. SML is an ethical company with safe and innovative products, providing immense satisfaction in our work. When farmers share their positive experiences using SML products due to the consistency in quality, it reaffirms the essence of our technology.
In my role, I am exposed to new challenges, which helps me develop both professionally and personally. I appreciate the collaborative environment in my workplace. Working with talented and supportive colleagues not only boosts productivity but also makes each day enjoyable.

Mr. Radhey Shyam Head Crop Protection Portfolio Management

SML is consistently evolving, driven by innovation and a commitment to investing in new ideas and projects. Our culture fosters continuous learning and growth, characterized by innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking. Working here has taught me the value of collaboration and adaptability, allowing me to approach challenges with creativity and flexibility. At SML, we prioritize collaboration, customer centricity, creativity, and credibility, with a mission to encourage innovation for sustainable growth.
Through extensive business travel to over 40 countries and engagements across 20 countries, I have gained insights into global business dynamics and implemented diverse strategies and technologies. SML provides ample opportunities for learning and growth, with evolving roles and titles that allow us to showcase our talents.
I am proud to witness SML's growth and transformation and feel privileged to contribute to its success. The vibrant company culture and daily interactions with colleagues inspire confidence and fuel my desire to continually improve. SML offers an innovative environment, growth opportunities, a collaborative team, and a diverse and inclusive culture, making it an exceptional place to work.

Murat Kamisli Deputy General Manager, Sales & Marketing and Head of Turkey & Cis Area

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