About us

SML Limited (formerly known as Sulphur Mills Limited) is a global leader in innovative advanced solutions for agriculture. Our expertise spans varied aspects of nutrients, soil health, crop protection, and biologicals. We aim to serve and improve the agricultural sector through technological innovation. Our end objective is to ensure that balanced nutritious food is produced in farms across the globe and to improve soil and human health.

Mr. Deepak Shah, Founder & Chairman, SML Group, established the organization in 1971. Since then, SML Limited has expanded to over 80 countries worldwide. We are a research-driven organization developing and promoting advanced, high-performance, and end-to-end sustainable solutions for crop nutrition, crop protection, biostimulants, and biofertilizers.

SML Limited has dedicated the last 50 years towards sustainable agriculture and farmer welfare.

Over the last two decades, we have focused on new discoveries of novel biorationals and developing new formulations for the efficient delivery of agrochemicals and biologicals to minimize environmental impact.

We are proud to have the world’s largest manufacturing capacity of highly effective low dose and safe Water Dispersible Granule (WDG) of 100000 MT and over 6 million litres of SC and EW formulations.

Backed by state-of-art research and development facilities, we manufacture innovative formulations of major active ingredients of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and nutrients. We are a pioneer in developing patented formulations to provide complete crop protection solutions and build natural immunity in crops. We have developed high nutrient-use effciency fertilizers based on natural mineral origin, which provide balanced nutrients to crops and also increase yield. They also help retain soil organic matter and texture, address climate change, and improve the fnal quality of the produce.

Our crop protection solutions offer enhanced pest control, even at low dosages, resulting in lesser soil toxicity and residue. Our crop nutrition solutions can help improve nutrient uptake effciency and better proftability for farmers signifcantly.

We stand for

Our Values

Commitment to being collaborative, customer-centric, creative, and credible.

Our Mission

To encourage innovation for sustainable growth .

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized and customer-centric Agri solutions provider.

Our Journey

Board of Directors

Bimal Shah

Managing Director

  • The largest manufacturer of sulphur for crop inputs in the world
  • Hallmark of Quality trusted partners for farmers in more than 80 counties
  • A global one-stop-manufacturer for innovative and value-added specialised formulations in agrochemicals
  • International State-of-the-art Research and Discovery Sites
  • Customer-frst approach providing Customised Soil & crop protection solutions
  • 550+ patents globally
  • 2 Farm technology advisory centers, Krishinovva, with the aim to facilitate the farmer to test their farm soil rapidly and learn about sustainable and balanced nutrition management practices

For a Sustainable Future

With a growing global population and the goal of feeding 10 billion people by 2050, agriculture faces critical challenges. Excessive chemical fertilizer and pesticide use have degraded soil health, leaving 19 million tonnes of untapped organic micro-nutrients for farmers. Climate change is exacerbated by the release of nitrous oxide (N2O) from nitrogen fertilizers like urea, with a global warming potential 300 times higher than carbon dioxide. SML is dedicated to improving soil quality, promoting soil health, and reducing synthetic fertilizer use. This reduces greenhouse gas(GHG)  emissions by 18-84% and enhances nutrient use efficiency (NUE), allowing farmers to maximize profits. SML’s solutions are crucial for sustainable agriculture, addressing environmental concerns and benefiting both farmers and consumers.

SML excels in soil health and offers high-performance crop protection formulations. These innovations reduce the needed dosage of protection agents per acre, saving farmers on input costs while maintaining or enhancing effectiveness. SML is committed to environmental responsibility and farmer education. Initiatives like Crop Protection Stewardship Week educate farmers on safer and more responsible pesticide use, reinforcing our dedication to sustainable and environmentally conscious agriculture.

CSR Activities

Notebook Distribution

Notebooks are a place to collect and records all your thoughts and learnings, hence form an integral part of ones learning and education. SML Limited distributed notebooks to schools across the nation as a part of CSR activity. This large scale distribution was done during the financial year 2018-2019.

Mask Distribution

As the threat of Corona virus spread throughout the globe, the masks turned out to be one of the mandatory measures used to suppress the transmission of the deadly virus and protect the lives of those around. In such dire circumstances, masks became one of the most sort after commodities, which even lead to their shortage in various parts across India. In those circumstance, SML limited carried out the distribution of masks in various states across India. This distribution occurred during the year 2020-2021.

Sports Complex Development

Sports are an important part of the wholesome growth of an individual. It teaches values like – leadership, team work, discipline, etc. Sports is not just a recreational activity but a way to maintain both mental and physical health. SML Limited helped in the development of the Sports complex at GMK, which was inaugurated on 15th October 2021.

Recognition of SML excellence

Award by FICCI - 2023

Agri based Decarbonization Award in Sustainable Agriculture Summit & Awards 2023 by FICCI

ABSA 2023

Leader with Strategic Vision

Hurun 2023

Stars of Mumbai Awards 2023 for outstanding contribution in Agrochemical Industry by Hurun India

Hurun 2023

The Most Respected Entrepreneur 2023 by HURUN India

Award by FICCI - 2021

Sustainable Agriculture Summit & Awards 2021 by FICCI for Innovative/ Product/ Technology/ Services promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Ray Consulting ABSA 2021

Mr. Deepak Shah received the Lifetime Achievement Award