Fertis Wg

Sulphur 90% WDG

  • Fertis -WG is 90% WDG Sulphur Fertilizer
  • Small particle size 2-4 micron which is quick in dispersion and spread well in field
  • Helps in reducing pH of the alkaline soil
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Improves uptake of nutrients
  • Enhances nodulation in legumes, thereby helps in nitrogen fixation
  • Helps in formation of chlorophyll, which permits photosynthesis
  • Plays a role in the synthesis of proteins, oils and vitamins
  • Activation of enzymes, which helps in biochemical reaction with the plant
  • Helps in minimizing lodging of crops

Available Packs:

1 kg, 3 kg, 6 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg

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Technical Demonstration
Product Recommendation
Crop Application dose (kg/Acre)
Field crops
3-6 kg
Vegetables crops
3-6 kg
Fruit crops
Plantation crop
Product Benefits
  • High nutrient use efficient Sulphur fertilizer, hence required very low application dose

  • Quick available of Sulphur to crop plants

  • Fit for application under various application methods viz. broadcasting, urea mix top dressing, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, soil drenching etc.

  • Helps in soil pH reduction under saline and alkaline soils 

  • Helps in improve uptakes and metabolizing of other nutrient like, N, P, K and Micronutrients

  • Increase oil content in oil seed crops

  • Resistance development in crops against pests disease

  • High return of Investment of Farmers