ACTION is a selective post emergence grassy herbicide belong to the FOP group of herbicide. It is widely used to control Phalaris minor  and Avena fatua in Wheat crop.  It is a non-residual systemic herbicide, hence to be applied when majority of Phalaris and Avena has emerged & is in actively growing phase.

Active ingredient        : Clodinafop Propargyl
Formulation               : 15% WP

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Product Benefits
  • Highly effective against resistant Phalaris minor and Avena ludoviciana.

  • Suitable for wheat inter-cropped with gram, mustard, maize, potato and vegetables

  • Leaves no residual action on succeeding crops.

  • Easy and convenient to use due to water soluble bags.

Product Recommendations
Crop Application dose /acre Weeds controls
Phalaris minor and Avena ludoviciana