SURESHOT is a pre-emergence herbicide for control of grasses, sedges and some broad leaf weeds in transplanted Rice. It provides excellent selectively on all known varieties of Rice.

Active ingredient : Pretilachlor

Formulation : 50 % EC

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Product Benefits
  • Pre-emergent selective herbicide

  • Broad spectrum weed control gives clean start for high yields.

  • Adequate residual control gives season long control.

Product Recommendations
Crop Application dose (L/ha) Weeds controls
Transplanted Rice
1 to 1.5 L
Echinochloa crusgalli, Echiniochloa colonum Cyperus difformis, Cyperus iria , Fimbristylis miliacae, Eclipta alba, Ludwigia parviflora Monochoria vaginalis, Leptochloa chinensis Panicum repens